Corporate structure

NV Holding Businesspark MAA:

Responsible for coordinating the general strategy of the subsidiary companies.

Maastricht Aachen Airport:

Responsible for management and commercial exploitation of infrastructure. Also responsible for operational security and coordination with external (government) services as a support in this area.

Maastricht Handling Services:

Responsible for handling passengers, baggage and freight at Maastricht Aachen Airport.

AviationValley Businesspark (40%):

Responsible for management and development of the business park of Maastricht Aachen Airport.

AviationValley Property Management:

Responsible for development and exploitation of premises including lease of various office spaces.

Maastricht Maintenance Boulevard:

Responsible for the development of (cooperation in the field of) aircraft maintenance and subsequent training courses. Also manages innovation projects in the field of aircraft maintenance. Maastricht Aachen Airport is participating in the governing foundation.


Maastricht Aachen Airport became the first Dutch airport to be privatised on 29th July 2004. The Company which is the owner of Maastricht Aachen Airport (OMDV BV) was incorporated on that date. The controlling shareholder in OMDV BV is Omniport Holdings Limited, which holds 99.86% of the equity. The remaining equity is held by Dura Vermeer Deelnemingen BV.

Omniport Holdings Limited:

Omniport is an investment and management company, specialising in the development of regional airports and based in Great Britain. In Great Britain, Omniport holds 80.1% of the shares in Norwich International Airport.

Dura Vermeer Deelnemingen BV:

Dura Vermeer is a Dutch construction company with a 0.14% shareholding in Maastricht Aachen Airport. For more information about Dura Vermeer, click here.