Business & Private aviation

Maastricht Aachen Airport offers a speedy and complete handling service to passengers who arrive or depart by private or business airplane. For instance, it is possible to be dropped off or picked up at the stairs of the airplane by car, if you choose. The necessary passport checks will even be performed at the aircraft if you arrive from a non-Schengen country. So you can take off or be on your way to your destination in the region in record time.

MAA's sister company Maastricht Handling Services and its partners also offer custom solutions for specific requirements relating, for example, to catering or hotel services. During the TEFAF art fair, for instance, we offer these services for up to 80 jets full of a critical public, so you can rely on us being able to meet your requirements.

Feel free to contact the operations department of Maastricht Aachen Airport or one of our partners listed below.