Flight Planning

Airport details:


Location: ARP coordinates 50°54'57"N 005°46'37"E
Location on AD: 081° GEO 599 m from TWR.
Direction and distance: 5 NM NE from Maastricht.
Elevation/reference temperature: +375 ft AMSL/21.7°C (JUL).
MAG VAR/Annual variation: 0°30'W (2005)/6'E.
Permitted types of traffic: IFR/VFR, airport is open for use by national and international civil air transportation with all types of aircraft. 

Opening hours:

Administration Mon.-Sun.: 0500-2200 (0400-2100).
Customs: H24.
Immigration : Mon.-Sun.: 0500-2200 (0400-2100).
Health & Hygiene: Mon.-Sun.: 0500-2200 (0400-2100) 1 HR PN(*).
(*) Comments: PN means permission from and/or, in case of customs etc., notification otherwise than via a (VFR) flight plan to the responsible airport ground authority.
AIS briefing office:
Self-briefing: MON-SUN: 0500-2200 (0400-2100)
tel: +31 (0)20 4062323
fax: +31 (0)20 4062308
ARO Authorised ATS unit
ARO Schiphol

MET briefing office:
OPR HR, outside OPR HR: MWO De Bilt .
MON-SUN: 0500-2200 (0400-2100).
Fuel service
MON-SUN: 0500-2200 (0400-2100).
Handling  AVBL (Check: www.MHS.nl)
Security  AVBL
De-icing  AVBL