Cargo Airlines

For many years, Maastricht Aachen Airport has been known for its high-quality and prompt handling. This, in combination with the attractive market territory, is the reason for the rapidly rising number of import and export links.

Together with our partner organisation Maastricht Handling Services, we offer a complete solution for almost any type of freight. Of course, we can also welcome the largest air freighters, including the 747-800 and Antonov 124. We are currently building a new freight complex of 9,000 m2, the first phase in a completely new freight cluster. Service is a priority and, due to the close cooperation with inspection services, products are unloaded, checked and on their way to their destinations in record time. For example, a Boeing 747 is unloaded in just 45 minutes and the first truck is already on its way before the final pallet has left the airplane.

Would you like to know more? Check the website of Maastricht Handling Services for an overview of all services, partnerships and more. You can keep yourself informed of all developments by applying for the MHS newsletter via the link at the bottom of this page. Contact the business development team via You can also visit the EU logistics hub website of Maastricht region for more information.

Key figures:

  • Within 30 minutes' travel time: 2.8 million residents, GDP EUR 67 Billion
  • Within 60 minutes' travel time: 6.9 million residents, GDP 164 Billion
  • Within 120 minutes' travel time: 35.6 million residents, GDP 970 Billion


  • >250,000 companies registered within a 60 minutes' market territory
  • Main sectors: (petro)chemicals, life science, logistics, solar energy
  • Multinationals, including DSM, Vodafone, Procter&Gamble, Ford, Sabic, Continental & Océ
  • 2.2 million jobs within 1 hour's travel time (Amsterdam 1.7 million)
  • Fastest falling unemployment rate in the Netherlands
  • Region in the top 3 most innovative regions in the Netherlands
  • Labour productivity per FTE > EUR 116,000 (The Netherlands 82,000)

Regional developments/investments

  • The Netherlands: EUR 2 billion investment programme in Southeast Netherlands up to 2020
  • Of which 500 million in central market territory for strengthening the solar, chemical/materials and health sectors
  • Germany: Aachen has started building the largest research campus in Europe
  • 2 billion euros in investments in the field of energy, automotive, IT, Production technology & New materials