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Situated in the Province of Limburg, the most southerly province in the Netherlands, Maastricht Aachen Airport serves an attractive, international market. The airport is situated 3 kilometres from the Belgian border and 8 kilometres from the German border, in a straight line. The airport has an international feel, due to population concentrations in the market territory of each of these countries.

The international market territory generates attractive benefits, such as longer busy periods as a result of differences in holiday periods and national holidays, for example. Over the past few years, the airport has taken many initiatives in order to position itself as the home airport for passengers from all countries. For instance, the staff members speak several languages (Dutch, German, French and English) and international transport links are being improved. Due to active support, for example in marketing advice and translation services, partners readily become familiar with the region and have the chance to benefit from the attractive area.

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Key figures:

  • Within 30 minutes' travel time: 2.8 million residents, GDP EUR 67 Billion
  • Within 60 minutes' travel time: 6.9 million residents, GDP 164 Billion
  • Within 120 minutes' travel time: 35.6 million residents, GDP 970 Billion


  • Maastricht is the second city in the Netherlands, measured by the number of visitors
  • 16.3 million overnight hotel stays per year within 60 minutes' travel time
  • Maastricht hosts 15% of the international conferences in the Netherlands lasting more than one day. Examples: Eurotop, OECD, Pharmaceutical
  • Several attractions with more than 1 million visitors per year, including historical buildings, seasonal markets and conference centres
  • Maastricht hosts the largest art and antique fair in the world (TEFAF)


  • >250,000 companies registered within 60 minutes' market territory
  • Main sectors: (petro)chemicals, life science, logistics, solar energy
  • Multinationals, including DSM, Vodafone, Procter&Gamble, Ford, Sabic, Continental & Océ
  • 2.2 million jobs within 1 hour's travel time (Amsterdam 1.7 million)
  • Fastest falling unemployment rate in the Netherlands
  • Region in the top 3 most innovative regions in the Netherlands
  • Labour productivity per FTE > EUR 116,000 (The Netherlands 82,000)

Regional developments/investments:

  • The Netherlands: EUR 2 billion investment programme in Southeast Netherlands up to 2020
  • Of which 500 million in central market territory for strengthening the solar, chemical/materials and health sectors
  • Germany: Aachen has started building the largest research campus in Europe
  • 2 billion euros in investments in the fields of energy, automotive, IT, Production technology & New materials
  • Candidate for 2010 European Culture Capital, entire region, 8 cities from 3 countries, international cooperation and image already enhanced


  • Rich mixture of nationalities: students, expats & labour migration
  • Traditional labour migration: Turkey, Morocco, Italy & Indonesia
  • Recent labour migration: Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic & Romania


  • Over 100,000 students at academic & higher education level within 30 minutes' travel time
  • Brain gain: the average educational level is rising

Quality of life:

  • Densely populated with many green zones
  • Highest density of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world (Maastricht: 5 restaurants with one star, 6 stars in total)
  • Internationally known wineries
  • Average price of single-family house: EUR 200,000 (The Netherlands €275,000, Amsterdam €450,000)