Activities & mission

Activities & mission

Our activities

The activities of Maastricht Aachen Airport are aimed at the transport of passengers and freight.  Maastricht Aachen Airport has an active role in the Maastricht Maintenance Boulevard foundation, which unifies the aircraft maintenance companies and educational institutions at the airport. This foundation also manages a number of innovation projects in the field of aircraft maintenance. Check the website of AviationValley for more information about the above companies; click here for more information about the company structure. Maastricht Aachen Airport was designated as an airport of national importance in the central government's aviation policy document (published in 2011).


Processing freight is the most important activity at Maastricht Aachen Airport. Together with airline companies, freight forwarders, import agents, trucking companies and other companies from the freight sector, the airport aims for a worldwide network of freight destinations in order to optimise logistical access to the region. This involves primarily the Meuse-Rhine EU Region, but also regions and/or countries beyond this. MAA fulfils the role of European hub for some companies.


Maastricht Aachen Airport is working in partnership with airlines and tour operators to add new routes to the airport's network of destinations that fit the needs of the Meuse-Rhine EU Region. The airport wants to offer the residents and businesses of the EU Region a wide choice of services from their own "home" airport. Maastricht Aachen Airport thus endeavours to provide a full service in the field of private and business aviation and is open for general aviation traffic.
Passenger facilities include all the regular activities in and around the terminal, including bars, restaurants, shopping, advertising and parking.

Aircraft maintenance & education:
Maastricht Aachen Airport cooperates in the development of this branch of industry in and around the airport, through its membership of the Maastricht Maintenance Boulevard foundation. The educational institution Leeuwenborg/ACC (aircraft maintenance training courses) is represented in this foundation. More information can be found on the website of Maastricht Maintenance Boulevard.