At Maastricht Aachen Airport, we understand that supply chain management is not a question of distance, but of time.

Supply chain managers hoping to optimize their internal and external performances must constantly be searching for faster shipping options, with fewer and shorter links in the supply chain. Air cargo flown via Maastricht Aachen Airport is delivered within hours after landing, into nearby European distribution
centers in Holland, Germany & Belgium, noticeably reducing the time needed to deliver goods to your customers across in Europe.
At Maastricht Aachen Airport we understand that your customers’ demands are not rounded up by days, but are measured by the hour.

Because time is of the essence, Maastricht Aachen Airport brings you days closer to your customer.

To understand how the Maastricht Airport’s cargo product can give your supply chain a competitive edge in Europe, please contact Mr. W. Dohmen at +31-43-358-9999.

More info: www.mstcargo.com