Holiday among the Turkish jetset: discover beautiful Bodrum on the Aegean Sea.

If you cross the Aegean Sea from the Greek island of Kos, you will discover a jewel on the Turkish coast. The seaside resort of Bodrum has been the favourite holiday resort of Turkish jetsetters for many years and is the number one location for second-home buyers. Of course the endless sunshine strongly appeals to tourists and bon vivants, but the city has more to offer.

The picturesque harbour forms a perfect backdrop for exploring the bustling city centre where you can do some great shopping. Learn more about the history and culture of Bodrum and surrounding places. Visit, for example, the ruins of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the Castle of St Peter, the mosques or the ramparts.

The most famous nightclub in Turkey, Halikarnas, is also located in Bodrum. Real clubbers can take a ten-minute bus ride to Gumbet, a vibrant club scene on the Aegean coast, where you can party all night!

Vibrant Bodrum

  • Turkey
  • Best time to travel: May to September
  • 3 hours later than in the UK
  • Turkisch
  • Turkisch lira
  • Corendon Airlines
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