A beautiful, sunny place, full of sights and without a throng of tourist. Who wouldn’t want that?

You can find it in Ohrid, Macedonia! Although Lake Ohrid belongs to the oldest lakes in the world and is a popular water sports venue, many people have not yet discovered this city’s rich culture. The ancient theatre of Ohrid, for example, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List and was only discovered at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is open to tourists and also hosts concerts and events.

Additionally, Ohrid has many old churches and monasteries that you can visit in combination with a walk through the countryside. When visiting Ohrid, you certainly shouldn’t miss Samuel’s Fortress. This thousand-year-old fortress can be found on top of the hill where Ohrid was built. Visit the fortress to see its historic towers and city walls, and experience a beautiful view of the city!

Would like to take home a literal souvenir of the Pearl of the Balkans? Then you should buy Ohrid pearls. These pearls are produced by only four families who guard the secret of their creation.

Pearl of the Balkans: Ohrid

  • Macedonia
  • Best time to travel: April to October
  • 1 hour later than in the UK
  • Macedonian
  • Macedonian Denar
  • Corendon Airlines
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