Croatia has long been a popular holiday destination. A turquoise sea, secluded bays bordered by pine trees or undiscovered small headlands.

Whether you are looking for lively cities, remote and unspoilt nature, sun-drenched beaches or rugged scenery. Along Croatia’s more than 6000 kilometres of coastline, you won’t be short of anything.

If you like to explore, then Croatia is a must-been! Vast forests where you can wander for hours, romantic waterfalls and beautiful coasts. Do you want even more adventure? Then head into the mountains or into the water. With 1244 islands you just can’t get bored. And if you like water sports then this is definitely the perfect place for you!

In the Zadar region you are very central to everything. Use it as a base or stay in the region itself. With its 3000 year, the old city of Zadar also has much to offer in terms of culture and history. Here you will find the origin of the Croatian cultural identity in its full glory. The largest known Roman forum on this side of the Adriatic, unforgettable Romanesque churches and the smallest cathedral. And besides the usual churches and buildings, shops, restaurants and terraces, the museum for broken relationships is highly recommended, as well as the many street art that can be admired in the city.

And if you visit the medieval castle of St. Mihovil (Michael) on the island of Ugljan, you will be rewarded at the end of the day with a view of a true paradise: a series of emerald islands, in the golden glow of the setting sun. Not for nothing did Alfred Hitchcock call the sunset in Croatia the most beautiful in the whole world.

The climate in Croatia is as varied as the landscape:

In summer it is dry along the Adriatic coast, fresh in the mountainous areas and hot and dry in Croatia’s inland regions. This variation can also be seen in the kitchen. On the coast, the Mediterranean cuisine is very different from the food in the inland. But they all have one thing in common: the grill. Because in Croatia, everyone loves grilled meat.

Of course, many tourists visit Croatia for a holiday in the sun. All ingredients are present: beautiful beaches, the sun, a vibrant nightlife, authentic folk traditions and cultural delights.
So immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Balkans: hospitable, less stringent regulations, inventive, warm and culinary.

Lively Zadar

  • Croatia
  • Best time to travel: May to October
  • 1 hour later than in the UK
  • Croatian
  • Kuna
  • Ryanair
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