Security check

By 12 September 2018Voorbereid op reis

Before you can board the plane, you will pass our security staff. They will check that you do not carry any prohibited goods. Following the tips below, please make sure that you are ready for this security check to avoid any delays.

1. Hand luggage
Before leaving home, check what you are allowed to bring with you in your hand baggage. This can differ per airline, but rules always apply.
2. Metal
Wear as little metal as possible, e.g. jewellery or a belt.
3. Footwear
Wear socks and shoes that you can easily take off and put back on again.
4. Elektronics
Put all electronics larger than a phone in a separate tray.
5. Coat
Take off your coat while queuing and place it in one of the trays.
6. Liquids and gels
Put liquids in a resealable, transparent plastic bag before departure. Here you can read how much you are allowed to carry with you and how to pack these items.
7. Medicines and baby food
Keep medicines and baby food separate. Make sure you have a doctor’s note at hand for any medication. Read more about it here.

8. Empty your pockets

Make sure that all your pockets are empty and that you do not carry any objects on your body.
9. Belt
Take off your belt while queuing, so it won’t set off the security alarm.