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Prevent theft

By 12 September 2018December 14th, 2018Voorbereid op reis

Not everyone at the airport has good intentions. Beware of pickpockets and always keep an eye on your belongings. The following tips may help you do so.

1. Securitycheck
Don’t let your hand baggage pass through the scanner until it is your turn. In this way, you can prevent someone who has already passed through security from interfering with your belongings. If your belongings have nevertheless disappeared, then immediately alert one of the security staff.
2. Don’t let yourself be distracted
Are you approached by a stranger? Then keep an eye on your belongings. Don’t put all of your valuables in the same suitcase. We strongly advise you to keep a copy of your passport or national identity card in a bag other than the one containing the original document.
3. ‘Free’wifi
Free Wi-Fi is available at Maastricht Aachen Airport. Make sure you only use this secure network. If you see a different, unsecured network, someone may be trying to access your passwords and accounts.
4. Bumping into someone
Did someone accidentally bump into you? Then always check if you still have all of your belongings. Safely store your valuables.
5. Pickpockets and queuing
Pickpockets love busy queues. If you have to queue, please do so with the two of you. You can then look out for each other and make it a lot more difficult for pickpockets.
9. Bluetooth
Hackers and pickpockets use Bluetooth trackers to find smartphones, laptops and tablets. In this way, hackers try to gain online access and pickpockets know exactly where to be in order to steal devices from your bag. Simply turn off your Bluetooth at the airport.