You can park within walking distance of the terminal.

In front of the passenger terminal some parking spaces are available to load or unload baggage. Short-term parking is available at P1, to the right of terminal. For long-term parking, go to P2 at the left of the terminal. Both car parks are within walking distance of the terminal.

Upon return, enter your parking ticket at one of the payment kiosks. These can be found in the terminal (at the exit of the departure hall) and in the car parks. You can pay cash or with a debit or credit card.

Have you booked via Corendon?
And are you departing between November 1st and April 1st? Then parking on P2 (Vliegveldweg 90) is included with your trip. Reservations are not possible and are not required. When you enter the car park, please take a ticket at the barrier. You can exchange this ticket before departure for a free exit ticket at one of the check-in desks.

Are you leaving departing between April 1st and November 1st? Then parking at P5 is included for Corendon passengers (address: Engelandlaan). From P5, prior to and following flights from Corendon, shuttle buses operate. The buses run from 2.5 hours before departure and one hour after arrival of your flight. Please take in mind 20 minutes extra travel time.
Our advice: first drop off your fellow passengers with luggage at the terminal and then drive to P5. There is sufficient space for the terminal to load and unload the luggage. If you’re traveling alone, we advise you to check in online in advance. You can then drop off your luggage at the luggage drop off in the terminal. This is possible starting 1 hour and 45 minutes before departure.

You can pre-book a parking space via our website. You will then benefit from more competitive rates and have no payment hassle when you return from your holiday. Reservations are not possible and are not required for Corendon passengers.

Please read our parking conditions.


  • Competitive rates
  • Walking distance
  • Safe and secure parking
  • Pre-book
Online reservation

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  • Guaranteed parking
  • Competitive rates
  • Easy and quick
Online reservation
0.5 to 24 hours 5,- per hour
1 day 30,-
2-4 daus 30,- each additional day
5 days 130,-
6-22 days 10,- each additional day
8 days 160,-
15 days 230,-
22 days 300,-
0.5 to 24 hours 4,- per hour
1 day 25,-
2-8 days 5,- each additional day
9 days 64,-
10-16 days 4,- each additional day
16 days 92,-
17-22 days 4,- each additional day
8 days 60,-
15 days 88,-
22 days 110,-